The cards are printed on luxurious 150# conservation minded, tree friendly bamboo paper and come with white envelopes. They come as either 5x5 square (requires extra postage) or as 5x7. Any image can be printed as a card. $20 for a set of 4 (same image, $5 ea) or 8 or more for $4 each (1 image per 4 pack), or 24 or more for $3 each (1 image per 4 pack).  The red or green envelopes are available for a slight additional charge.


Purple Finch card
Blue Jay Holiday card
gold finch cones card
Gold finch card
Cardinal card
Blue Jay 2 card
Blue Jay and Wreath 5x5
Snowy Face
Milky Way
Pileated Woodpecker 5x5
Female Cardinal
On Her Rock 5x5
Cedar Waxwing 5x5
Chippy 5x5
Vixen's Portrait 5x5
Close Up 5x5
The Percherons 5x5
Waxwings and Berries 5x5
Misty Morning Hunting 5x5
Marvin! 5x5
The Hug 5x5
The Kiss 5x5
Christmas Morning II 5x5
Vixen's Portrait 5x7
Misty Morning Heron 5x7
On Her Rock 5x7
Pileated Woodpecker 5x7
Christmas Morning 5x7
Tender Moment 5x7
Off To Hunt 5x7
A Quiet Spot, Loon 5x7
envelope options, white is standard